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First year in Florida

Posted on 3/22/2011.

What a year. Unemployed for a while, started a consulting company which opened the doors to many other networking opportunities. Some payed off very well, some are still take time to build a relationship. I launched Minecraft World Share with the intent to brush up my programming skills and kill a bit of time during my time off. The site is doing very well, 250K visitors a month and growing. It's taught me a lot on optimizationg of code, how to break a web host, and what a high traffic site needs for attention. Niche market and a solid web application lead to success quickly. I'm planning a large rewrite of the code behind to squeek a bit more performance out of the site. Plenty of irons in the fire, just waiting to see which one I can leverage to help me reach my personal goals.

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Still hunting

Posted on 4/20/2010.

Hey, I'm still kicking! Moving and getting settled in took a lot longer than I expected. I'm still continuing to hunt for employment. The abundance of jobs that were local has seemed to evaporate into the either over the last few weeks. I wouldn't say it's been a bad over the past few months of looking. I've started to train for a long overdue Microsoft certification that I've wanted for a while, but never had the time and money to complete. I've gathered resources to earn my Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional: Server Administrator. So far I've hammered through 70-646 material and have been preparing to take the exam at a local exam shop. I may go through the 70-640 exam material before going for my 70-646 as it goes a little more in depth on a few of the test subjects. I'd like to get my certifications started before the double testing incentive from Microsoft disappears.

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Goodbye WI, hello FL

Posted on 1/7/2010.

After being in Wisconsin my entire life, I've made the decision to move to FL to get away from the cold and the snow. Now my priorities are to find another job and begin starting a life. I wish all my friends and family back in WI the best of luck and I hope to one day see you all once again (maybe in the summer though).

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Now with Google API added

Posted on 11/28/2009.

I've had a want to integrate my Google Picasa web album into my web site for a long time now. This afternoon I sat down and figured out how to access the Gdata API to allow me to get at my web albums. The system fully authenticates and uses simple GET/POST challenge and response to do the bulk of the work. I then break down the responses and use the data I need to make the magic happen. The gallery on the right will change once ever 15 seconds to a new image. You can click on the image to view the full web resolution image.

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Update Round 2

Posted on 11/1/2009.

Galexia coral in my fish tank.Another update to the site now to include images in the postings. The site also conforms to the W3C's XHTML and CSS validation standards. 

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Posted on 10/26/2009.

I've added the post date to the articles on the front page. Now you can see when the article was posted. 

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Windows 7

Posted on 10/18/2009.

Tonight I installed Windows 7 for the first time after seeing it in the Community Technical Preview release a few months ago. I'm quite impressed by what Microsoft has released. Brings back a lot of the same feelings when the upgrade from Windows 2000 to Windows XP happened. Plenty of good things included with the software, installed without a hitch, drivers worked out of the box and the machine was overall snappy in regards to performance. 

Looks like Microsoft has a winner again after the failure of Windows Vista.

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Welcome to

Posted on 10/11/2009.

Welcome to the re-re-relaunched /  November 2009 marks 10 years of ownership for me with

This site is the culmination of a few different CMS's that I've written in the past and lots of new code that I wrote in the past month. I hope to add a section now and then in addition to updating the front page of the site a little more regularly.

Browse around the site (what little there is now) and tell me what you think.

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